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I’m laying in my bed, alone and I can hear someone breathing behind me.. I’m physically too scared to move

skin is so weird, have you ever actually looked at your fingers on the side where you can see the bumps and lines through your fingerprints. The human body really is amazing, we’re all just covered in this weird rubbery layer that protects all the cool shit.

dad just offered me food, but had the look like he wanted me to say no. I said yes please and he was all like “ffs I was just trying to be nice, but whatever have it, i’ll just have one then hmph” he’s now in his office, probably sulking. my god

  • Ed Sheeran: it's dark in a cold december, but i've got you to keep me warm
  • Me: except I live in australia and if you try to keep me warm in december, you will stick to me with sweat and we gonna have a problem up in here

has anyone else noticed that when they hold alt and click their blog link next to dashboard it comes up with a little drop down menu, or am I just slow and only just noticed?