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You’re suddenly thrown in to the Supernatural universe, how do you react (Gif #7)?!
You discover you’ve gained supernatural powers and could be classified as a {angel}(trickster/vampire/rugaru/fairy/whatever your fancy). What’s your first move (Gif #11)?

You stumble across the Winchester brothers. What’s your reaction to Dean Winchester (Gif #2)?

How does Dean react to you (Gif #6)?
And your reaction to Sam Winchester (Gif #16)?
Sam’s reaction to you (Gif #19)?
Castiel’s spidey-sense tingles and he’s off to save the Winchester boys from *le gasp* YOU. What’s your first impression of him (Gif #13)?

And his reaction to you (Gif #1)?

Turns out you pop up in one of Chuck’s latest manuscripts and are too valuable to kill, yay! How does Bobby react to the news (Gif #10)?
How do you make your exit (Gif #4)?

Crowley later comes to you with a proposition, what’s your reaction (Gif #17)?

And Crowley’s response to this (Gif #3)?

Death discovers you’ve been consorting with Crowley and pays you a visit, your response (Gif #8)?
Death gives you a stern talking to and you nod. What image of you does he walk away with (Gif #15)?

The Winchesters changed their minds and are now attempting to hunt you! What prompted this response (Gif #9)?
You decide to employ a cherub to distract them while you carry on with whatever you’re currently interested in. How did the cherub react to your plans (Gif #20)?
Balthazar wants in on the fun you’re having, does he get to (Gif #14)?
Turns out God was just trollin’ and you have no real purpose. How do you react to him when you discover this (Gif #5)?
What now (Gif #12)?!