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I had a pretty good day, for a Thursday anyway. I started out so moody today, and I was just sad. So my boyfriend came over and we made nachos for lunch, and mucked around for a few hours which was nothing but laughing and smiling.

Then my friends decided to tell me to come outside and drove down the street pumping “my nigga” and trying to be thug driving down my street haha. They’re absolute idiots and I love them.

Then my boyfriend and I went back inside, sat around for about an hour singing songs and dancing around like goofballs, he left after a while to pick his mum up from work and go to football training.

Mum then came home, and she knew I’d started the day pretty bad so she bought me home banana milky ways, Turkish delights, a block of strawberry and creme chocolate, a pack of lollies and a tub of ice cream. She’s boss.

All in all, today was great. I’ve got the most laid back, but lovey dovey relationship. The most hilarious, but insane friends and the worlds most understanding and caring mum.

My day ended perfect. I like days like this.

snuggled up on the lounge with mum, watching life of pi in 3D :)

just seen a news story that a mother in the US, is facing jail time after telling her 9 year old son, family and friends that she had stage three cancer and was getting free stuff for it. OMG WTF IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD THIS IS NOT OK

WORLD'S GREATEST SHAVE [click here to donate]

Hey guys! This year my beautiful mum is participating in the worlds greatest shave! If you guys could donate to help her achieve her goal we would both be so grateful! It’s for an amazing cause! A little or a lot, every donation counts! Today, 31 Australians will get the news they have blood cancer. Your donation will help the Leukaemia Foundation support them from the moment they are diagnosed, free of charge. The money you give will also help to fund Australia’s best blood cancer research.

Honestly guys what would be better then a world free of cancer, and people brave enough like my mother are helping us get closer and closer to that dream! Please share this around and help get these donations flowing!

My mum is amazing.

  • She knows I'm having my best friend here on Friday night for a few drinks. Aside from the fact I have a huge bucket of vodka slushie fruit tingle, 2 bottles of wine, 2 west coast coolers, 6 cans of udl, a can of woodstock and half a bottle of vodka she decided she would get me more alcohol.
  • She just rings me 'hey babe, I just got ya a bottle of vodka and heaps of jelly, and plastic shot glasses, so you girls can have an awesome night and heaps of jelly shots'
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: thanks heaps mum, I love you.